C64 Reloaded by Individual Computers

Jens Schönfeld, di Individual Computers, ha creato una nuova motherboard per Commodore 64: la “C64 Reloaded” che si adatterà perfettamente a tutti i case originali C64.

L’alimentazione verrà presa da un classico alimentatore a muro da 12v, avrà un output S-video, ma verrà venduta incompleta: sarà infatti  necessario aggiungere il processore e il chip sonoro (SID).

Il prezzo sarà di € 149,90. C64 Reloaded sarà disponibile in quantità limitata a partire da luglio 2014.

Da wikipedia:

C64 reloaded (First Prototype)

In 2014 the Commodore 64 celebrates it’s 32nd birthday, and that’s a significant birthday for a Computer: If written in hexadecimal notation, 32 becomes $20. To celebrate this, Individual Computers has prepared a limited production run of a new C-64 motherboard.

C64 Reloaded will be available in limited quantity starting july 2014.

Note: Exact specifications are subject to change, some options are still being evaluated (Video output, ESD protection…). Some of what is written below is planned for the next prototype.


  • The schematics are close to Commodore Assy number 250466, because this version is accepted to be the best compromise between cost savings and compatibility. The circuit has been changed only in very few places, so production is still possible with parts that are available today.
  • C64 Reloaded will fit in all original C64 cases: The classic “breadbox” cases and the flat versions of the case that were used in later production years.
  • Our new mainboard uses modern DC-DC converter technology: We use an EuP-compliant 12V DC wall power supply that will use less than 0.3W(*) in standby. The original C64 requires 3.9W(*) in standby, and when powered on, power consumption rises to 21.6W(*). Our C64 Reloaded only takes about 5,7 Watt(*) – roughly a quarter of what the original computer required, despite the fact that we’re using the original Commodore chips. This economical approach doesn’t mean “weak” in any way: The DC-DC converters have lots of power reserve to supply even very power-hungry expansions like the “Super CPU” or the Commodore memory expansions 1750 or 1764.
  • all required voltages (5VDC, 12VDC, 9VAC) are generated on board and are available at external interfaces as expected (tape, userport, expansion port, joystick port)
  • The C64 Reloaded does not come with a TV-Modulator. There’s an S-Video output in it’s place, which is located in place of the RF output.
  • Audio is passed to the outside world through a 3.5mm stereo plug, which lets you use standard audio equipment. It is located in place of the channel switch, so no additional holes must be drilled into the computer case. The second (left) channel can be disconnected and connected to a jumper pad instead for those who are using a stereo SID solution.
  • The known connectors for joysticks, cartridges, monitor, floppy drives, data cassette and userport are of course available on C64 Reloaded.
  • C64 Reloaded ships partly assembled: The processor (CPU) and the sound chip (SID) are not included. The full package will contain VIC-II, 2*CIA, 2x 41464 DRAM(120ns), color-RAM, EPROM (for kernals, basic, chargen), SuperPLA V3, CSG8701 or CSG8701-replacement. (Options for shipping other configurations on request are being evaluated)
  • The CIAs, all RAMs, EPROM (for kernals, basic, chargen) are in precision sockets.
  • The processor (CPU), the sound chip (SID), the PLA and video chips are in zero-insertion-force sockets, so they can be exchanged easily.
  • As opposed to the original computer, our board can be jumpered between PAL and NTSC without the need to solder anything – the required crystals come preinstalled.
  • proper 50/60Hz signal for the CIA TOD clocks is generated on board depending on selected video mode.
  • All ROMs are kept together in one 32k EPROM. The board can be equipped with two Kernal ROMs and two character ROMs.
  • pressing and holding RESTORE (“long”) resets the C64, pressing and holding RESTORE (“longer”) switches ROM configurations
  • Although we strive to replicate the C64 as close to the original as possible, we’ve introduced a technical innovation: A video effect known as “VSP-effect” to the C64 scene leads to intermittent crashes of some C64 models, which is also known as the “VSP-bug”. On customer request, C64 Reloaded can be equipped with the VSP-Fix: It consists of an additional chip that is plugged into a socket of our new mainboard.
  • gold plated user- and tape ports
  • Comes including metal frame around the expansion port, like the original computer.
  • the final board will be black with white printing

(*) Measured at the 230V AC side. Measurement device not calibrated. Board equipped with 85xx HMOS chips


fonte: Individual Computers


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